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Format: 25 Nov 2017

Wicked Reviews

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Wicked Reviews

Absolutely fantastic show!!


Wicked was a magical experience. Loved the story line and the voices of the actors were incredible. I understand what all the fuss is about.


The show was amazing!! Loved it and would be booking shows through you again


The show was absolutely amazing. We say right at the back of the dress circle but you could see everything so clearly. The special effects and lighting were amazing, and the music was fantastic. Can't wait to go again.


A M A Z I N G !! Absolutely loved it! Colourful, energetic, captivating, brilliantly acted and so well made too- the scenography is stunning! A must see!


Simply amazing!! I was very impressed, would definitely recommend it!!


Good fun and very imaginative and clever ..... but as usual the sound system was at a painfully loud volume.


in a word AMAZING. Seat location for the price was brilliant, would certainly use you for tickets as a first choice again.


I wasn't too sure about going to the theatre but booked two tickets to take my wife as she has been waiting to see the show for some time now. To my surprise i quite enjoyed it so would recommend it to others.


Best musical I have seen in London. Would watch it again. Loved it!


Excellent! The singing was wonderful, costumes amazing - I laughed and wanted to cry at times. Well worth a day's trip to London.


The show was really really good!! Amazing voices and costumes!!


A super fun and entertaining show!


an absolutely great show


Had an amazing time! Great performance, with amazing costumes and effects!


I was lucky enough to see Wicked 7 years or so ago when it first opened, with Idina Menzel as Elphaba, who was just awesome. Wasn't sure what to expect a second time round, but have to say it's still an amazing show. It's bright and colourful, the vocal performances of the leads were superb and it's still a very good night out. Found myself singing along to the songs (but only in my head, so as not to annoy the people sitting next to me!). The "Defying Gravity" ending to act one is still breathtakingly good stuff and I had a thoroughly good night, although hearing it now being done with very British accents did sound decidedly odd to me after hearing it American for all these years (get the original Idina Menzel CD, it's wonderful).


Both my wife and I had a great time watching Wicked, would reccommend to people.


Very good!!


Entrancing, and the lyrics were audible and well spoken. Beautiful costumes. I (75) and my teen granddaughter and her friend would love to go again.


We absolutely loved the show - the singing, costumes and dancing were brilliant. The storyline, dialogue and acting great fun!


We booked seats in the circle row A, the seats were fantastic! The leg room was superb and the view of the show was even better. I would recommend anyone to see wicked, it was wicked!


Saw Wicked on 20th February with a friend after a six hour journey down from Newcastle due to horrendous disruptions on the East Coast services. We had planned to fit in other things apart from the matinee before returning home and it didn't work out that way. So it was straight off to Da Scalzo for lunch from the station (meal and theatre package) and it was the nicest Italian meal I think I've ever had!! Top marks and thanks Theatre People for suggesting such an excellent place. Walked along to the Apollo Victoria after our delicious meal and I was sooo excited when I turned the corner and saw the sparkly green sign outside the theatre! We were in seats 30-31 of Row K in the Stalls and they were excellent seats. The only fault we had was that we were freezing. It certainly didn't spoil the show for us.....absolutely amazing! We've seen many london shows but this has to be our favourite. A lovely story of friendship which will stay in our hearts and memories forever. Couldn't rate the Theatre People highly enough for their efficient and friendly service and already plan to book with yourselves again for the summer. Thank you!!


Really loved Wicked. Really magical and enchanting!


Wicked was incredible! The talent was second to none. I have never seen wicked before. The story was cleverly written and the songs were brilliant. It's wittier than I expected too. Really good all round show. Would definitely see it again.


It was brilliant and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


Absolutely fantastic!!!!!


My niece and I thought that the show was fantastic . Would recommend it to everyone.

-Joan P

Really enjoyed the show, great story, visually great, funny in places, would highly recommend it.


A really good and funny musical :)


words cannot describe how much i enjoyed this show. i cried, i laughed, and i have already started saving up so i can go again. make sure you see this, you need to, everyone needs to.


We enjoyed our lunch at the Bbar, the people are really nice and the food very tasty The show was beautiful and the only regret is that there were no male voice to match the girls' ones !! Thank you

-Marie Christine

Wow! What an uplifting show. The title doesn't give a clue about the tale behind the Oz story and we were stunned by the quality in all areas. The acting,writing and music transported us to this fairytale world of our childhood. The human condition is beautifully and tenderly portrayed, without judgement or moralising correctness - hilarious and moving. We wanted to take them all home but have to be content with memories. Our reaction to the curtain call? I want to see it again! Still basking in Wicked. Love, love, love it.


Slick, great costumes, great singing and a great evening!


An increadible twist on an old classic story.


Splendid. Really good evening. A very clever interpretation of the story of oz. Two understudies last night, both of whom were excellent. Booking through theatrepeople was also a good idea. I didn't bother printing my confirmation, just showed the box office it on my phone. Couldn't be easier. Thanks


Hi Theatre People. It was second show in wich I was. Both of them was brilliant! Thank you lot. I'll speak with you next month.


Thank you so much the show was out of this world. Must see it again xxx


A wonderful show. Thrilling, exciting, funny and high energy. Loved it!


An excellent show - strong story, with great acting and singing from a talented cast all set off by dazzling staging.

-Evan Roger

Great Show, most entertaining. Excellent costumes and cast. We had seats in the stalls so seen everything in detail , deffinately worth the money!


I've seen many musicals (in London, Paris but also Broadway) but Wicked has been the most amazing show I've ever seen. The costumes and the scene were wonderful, they perfectly matched the idea I had of Oz and of the universe of Wicked. The actresses playing Elphie and Glinda have a very intense way of singing and acting, I cried almost three times during the show and I'm still quite moved when I listen to the songs of the show. According to me, the best musical actually playing in London !!


Wicked - what an amazing show. This is a fantastic story, with twists and turns that link in with some of 'The Wizard of Oz'. Elpheba and Glinda have exceptional voices and their singing really made the show. It has great costumes, a great story, with lots of humour. I would recommend this for theatre goers of all ages.




It was brilliant everything I hoped it would be.


I LOVED IT!!!! Grew up watching the Wizard of Oz faithfully, but this was amazing!! The only thing was that the Theatre was too hot...otherwise I can't wait to get a chance to go again.


Great evening, great show, great singing! We loved it all!


We took our children twins 7 to Wicked. We are from the states and they love going to NYC to see broadway. London has just upped the ante :) The show is now the fav and we can not wait to get back to London to see more live in the City :)


What a great show we thoroughly enjoyed it and have told all our friends to see was a 16th birthday treat for my son and he was totally overwelmed :-)


Amazing show, enjoyed every minute of it. Fantastic !! And had great seats too , but quite pricey :(


It was a great show. I took my two daughters aged 10 and 12 just before Christmas and they loved it. Loved the whole different twist on the story of Oz and the performances were amazing. With the theatre being next to Victoria station it made travel very easy as well. Would recommend to all ages.


AMAZING!!! Not really a musical person,but have heard good re owes of the show,and an so pleased I went to see it. The props used was amazing...the whole thing fantastic!! :) Thank you got such a good evening


Lovely show my two teenage boys thought it was fab


Awesome night! Best show I've seen so far! absolutely loved it!!!!! :D


Awesome. Loved the monkeys.


"wicked" show, well worth the train journey from wigan !!


Absolutely stunning. Definitely made my day!


The tickets were for my Granddaughter's 21st Birthday. She and her friend said that they thought the show was fantastic. They were very pleased with the seats which they had. All in all a great afternoon. Thank you.


Was very good. Enjoyed it


It was great!


An absolutely brilliant show




The show was amazing! The energy the Actors brought to the the stage left you uplifted and smiling. I would see this show again in a heart beat.


really good production with wonderful voices and stunning set. All loose ends tied up in a way my friend & i hadn't thought of


Vivid, and vocally vibrant. This is a feast for the eye and ears and well deserves its long run in London!


Simply enchanting, overwhelming colourful and the most amazing songs. Although, for non-native speakers of English, I'd try to get gist of the story beforehand, it's rather complex and some important parts of the plot are disclosed in the songs, which are brilliant, but not always easy to follow.


Wicked... Never seen anything quite like it in my life. Set is amaising acting is superb, the atention to detail and lighting leave you spellbound. Strongly recomend it to anyone who has not been. Best show in London.


The show was brilliant. It puts a totally different perspective in the favourite 'Wizard of Oz'. Amazing theatre too. Worth seeing.


Enter your review here...A dazzaling array of sound and colour, last time i was at the appolo was to see Starlight express over 20 years ago , The thearter now looks great , you feel as if you have arrived at the emerald city . The casts energy and the quality of the two lead vocalist was amazing . a truely amazing roller coaster of emotion , the wizard of Oz will never be the same again now i know the true story of Elphba and her kindness . would see it again tomorrow .


Great venue, superb cast, memorable music and songs. A full on experience for all the senses. A day out for the family to be remembered for a long time, enjoyed by all of us. probabley been said before, but............ WICKED!!


Really loved it. It was predictable at times, but thoroughly enjoyable. The two leads are definitely top performers. The lead guy was at times a bit off though, but he was ok where it mattered. Go watch it.


It was as it states on the tin - Absolutely Wicked. Brilliant cast/production/storyline. Equally as good as anything I have seen. A dont miss stage show......


A delightful show - just brilliant! x


great show, great actors. money worth spending. enjoyed the day, i would recomend to a freind. loved the lively, music.


Wow! What an absolutely fantastic show! Amazing cast, storyline, costumes, lighting, set! You couldn't want for more from a west end musical. The best I've seen!


Enter your review here...BRLLIANT as ever third time I've seen it now, it gets better every time. Itook my 11 year old niece and she loved it.


Fantastic, beautiful, great music and one of the most funny show I have seen. Booking and collecting the tickets were so easy that I would like to recommend other people to use to purchase their tickets to the shows.

-Ngoc Hang

We all loved the show, took my daughter and granddaughter who is 14 and we all thoroughly enjoyed it I have never seen my granddaughter so enthusiastic she was clapping so much and cheering even though we have been to so many shows before. I sceneray, costumes and performances were stunning,


Brilliant, the cast are great, show is funny, I loved it, would go again and again, well worth the money.


Excellent production, fantastic cast of singers and dancers.


Great show and fantastic costumes!

-Anne Kristin

Absolutely fantastic, I had been wanting to see a show in London for decades but could not convince anyone else to go. This time, however, because my daughter had been with her school before she could not wait to return. And what a great time we had. We purchased the "Meal & ticket" and it was brilliant. I am already planning my next show trip. The show is thoroughly recommended, excellent songs, voices and props. We were very impressed. Quiet a funny show in places. Awesome!


the show was absolutey wicked!!! good seats. as we loved wizard of oz it was great to see how the wicked witch was nice and green!!!!


A great show for all ages . A most professional and entertaining show.


We absolutely loved the show. We felt it took a little while to get into it but once it kicked up a gear it was fantastic. The story is very clever & we loved the little links with Wizard of Oz. There were a number of younger children in the audience & I don't think it's really a show for them. It's quite long & the story takes a bit to understand. But we loved it. Perfect for a girly day out.


The show was great but the seating in the theatre was the worst I hav e ever encountered. There is insufficient leg room. The opera glasses are a rip off.


hi myself and my 10yr old daughter went to london for the weekend last week, we booked our tickets before we went and got a great deal. We went to see Wicked what an amazing show we both loved it and would recommend it to anyone. the theatre was lovely and the show ran on time we had a great weekend... thanks


Fantastic show. Immense fun. Very impressed with Rachel Tucker as Elphaba, but the whole cast were fantastic. Stunning sets and effects too. An absolute 'must see'


It was amazing! it was the most fantastic show than other shows. I love it !


it was amazing, we really loved it, although the seats werent great the atmosphere and the singing, o the singing was fantastic. Really touching, made my arm hairs errect on many occasion!!


it was a enjoyable evening I would recomend it to everyone I will be sharing it with my friends!.


Excellent!!!! Me and my partner loved every minute of it. The music and acting/singing was amazing and I will definetly be recommending the show to others. It was wicked :)


What an absolutely fantastic show , brilliant .


Fantastic show! Loved every minute of it; it's fun, clever and has a good message at the same time about trying less to fit-in and focus more on your individual talents.


absolulty brilliant, out of this world. would definelty bring my family again to watch this show . FANTASTIC....!!!!!!


Wicked was by far the best west end show i have been to yet, the songs, the actors, the atmosphere all of it was just amazing, i would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good musical. I will never be able to watch the wizard of oz the same way again and it was worth it.


Wicked was wicked!! Going to the show was really for me and I wasn't sure my husband would enjoy it but he thought it was great too! And the show and meal deal we got was good value for money! Would definitely recommend this show!


The show was absolutely brilliant. It's the second time we have seen it and would recommend it to anyone, fab


loving it!


We took our 8 & 10 year boys, they loved it, their first experience of a West End show was awesome. There were great and poignant moments for the grown ups and the 2 stars were spectacular, never heard singing like it. When I bought the tickets I thought 50GBP was a lot when I left I knew it was a bargain.


It was great to see a new surprising story of Oz. The actors were marvellous and my teenage daughter who didn't partcularly want to go read the programme when we got in the theatre and was really excited that Matt Willis was in it. After the show we stood at the stage door and saw "Glinda the good" and Matt - so me and my husband were happy because we love West End shows and the children were happy because they got pictures and autographs with the stars. A special mention must go to "Glinda the Good" and "Elphaba" who were the understudies and sang their hearts out. We had a wonderful night's entertainment and the whole family enjoyed it.


Kudos! I was expecting it to be! Amazing especially Elphaba, she has an amazing voice.. Well all of them are amazing! Well done to the whole cast!


Fantastic show, story blends well with original "Wizard of Oz",


The show was great, the songs were amazing and the dancing was very well performed. And don't even get me started on the story line which was funny and sad, dramatic and light headed. All in all i think the show was a huge success.


Fanstastic day out. First time ever to the theatre for my friend and I was very unsure of what show to take her too to ensure that her first experience was a good one - Wicked hit the spot in a spectacular manner. Thanks to all the cast and crew.


Excellent show, don't wait book, great couple of hours.


To coin a phrase which I'm sure has been used a million times before, "It was WICKED". My wife and I are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary year and it was part of a special treat day for us with our four grandchildren. They were enthralled by the whole spectacle, age range 10 to 16. A great choice. Thank you everyone.


Absolutely brilliant performance. The sets and actors were amazing, especially the star who played Elphaba, Ms. Rachal Tucker. We were sat in the Dress Circle seats U31, 32 which has a decent view though for the first half the people sat in front of us insisted on leaning forward. This obstructed our view but we asked them not to do so for the second half and were ok.


Absolutely wonderful, had such a lovely time with my daughter!!


Most West End musicals rely on one memorable tune to keep the show going. Wicked is has no memorable tunes whatsoever. My wife and I found the whole thing unremittingly awful.


very boring.... the worst musical I've seen.


a spectacular show ,giving a wonderful experience for young & old


Absolutely awesome - words can't describe how wonderful this show is. Rachael Tucker is outstanding. The whole cast give 110%. One of the best shows I have ever seen. Special effects fantastic .


Fantastic, brilliant, awesome. The best show we have seen in ages, we came out of the theatre having been blown away by a great story and excellent performances by all the cast. I would recommend this show to any theatre goers as a must see.


Very very good. A visual and vocal extravaganza!


The show was excellent with a good story, fantastic singing and enthusiasm by the cast and a great reception from the audience. The set and costumes made the show for me, they were truly amazing. The show however didn't do it for me to justify a 5 rating. I don't know if this was because the songs were unknown or because of my age. My two daughters aged 20 and 22 loved everything about the show but my husband again shared my view. His comment was that all the shows songs are sung the same way.. Wicked is a show that would not be high on" my must see list" and it is not one that I wish to see again.


If you only have the chance to see one show currently in London this has to be the one. Superb throughout.


Great show :)




I loved it.


Wicked was outstanding. The voices were excellent and the music was directly on-key and on-tempo with the actors on stage. I loved the stage setting; transitions were smooth and distracted only inasmuch as one could appreciate the timing. The storu line probably has Baum spinning in his grave, but the delightful (and touching) twist at the end was simply perfect. Most happy I attended.


Great performance, no problems with the tickets, everything was perfect and enjoyed the night. Strongly recommend it!


Brilliant!! Would definitely recommend this show!


one of the most emotional musical i ever seen! Scenographie amazing, very nice for the coreographic, all the actors absolutely professionals and the principal actress has an incredible voice. thank you for that lovely moments i've lived. Fabio Macchi


Fantastic show - wonderful to see the understudies; they did a magnificent performance.


An amazing show. I was entranced through the whole thing. Elphaba's voice was out of this world. It is an experience I will never forget.


My sister & I thoroughly enjoyed Wicked, we and the rest of the audience were bewitched. Really good story, brilliant sets & amazing singing.


Wicked was a fantastic show, I was apprehensive about the relationship with the WofOZ , But this was great. A good storyline, great presentation and the seat were ideal 4 rows up in the circle. This was an 18th Birthday present. Booked a little late with the Queens Diamond Jubilee in the middle so there was a concern about getting the tickets in time. A couple of Phone calls to TheatrePeople. com and it was all sorted out. Very helpful Would definitely use you again.


So fun, excellent story, brilliant musical numbers and seamless performance! really enjoyed it even if we were pretty high in the clouds!


The show was very nice i loved it so much thank you. But there was one thing that disturbed me is when the show started @ 7.30 pepole were coming in @ 8.15 and they blocked our view this was disturbing that we have to move so they can sit in there seats sorry but every body should come earler so they can set in there places this is my complan but every thing was very nice i realy enjoyed the show thank you.


Wicked is a very lively fabulous show and keep us all entertaining throughout. Simply marvelous!

-Chiew Chez

WOW! What a show, Wicked excites, astounds, and amazes!!! If your thinking of going you need think no more, book now, you won't regret it!


My 13 year old daughter was blown away by it. Her Facebook page is now littered with her favourite bits !!


Great show. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


I went with my teenage son and daughter and it was a wonderful time for all of us..the costumes, songs and stage were fantastic and we also loved the story line. We will definitely go to the theatre for more shows.


my wife daughter and i realy enjoyed the show. costumes and the special affects were very good too


Show was very good , Theatre did allow people to enter late which spoilt the start and the beginning of the 2nd half


Wicked was great, smashing scenery and lovely music.


This is the best play out there. It's a must see. Absolutely wonderful.


Have to say I was a little disappointed cannot say exactly why , perhaps some of the reviews led me to expect something very special. I did enjoy the show but not one I would wish to see again.


We really enjoyed the show thoroughly..


Absolutely fabulous, thought it might have been a bit twee but no, a fantastic night. The actors were brilliant the script and music superb. The only negative comment I would make was that I was disappointed with the number of late comers who were allowed entry and disrupted my viewing...6 times in all. However that said the whole evening was very enjoyable and to be highly recommended.


Fabulous show-the set,the sound,the atmosphere- for a grandmother daughter and two granddaughters it ticked all the boxes-amazing!


Great show thoroughly enjoyed it!




From start to finish there was plenty of excitement and we had a very enjoyable evening well worth the ticket price and a special thanks to the theatre ticket company for getting the best seats for us..


the show was brilliant, the songs and the singers were fantastic, it was an absolutly wicked evening!! - looking forward to seeing it again!!


Absolutely amazing, incredible, loved every minute, FANTASTIC, EPIC


Fabulous show, dramatic and vibrant. Enjoyed by all four of us. A must to see.


Never been that interested in the theatre to be honest, but booked the tickets for my partner. All I can say is Wicked is well..... Wicked. Truely had me gripped from start to finish with some outstanding vocals. I would recomend this show to everyone


I'm sure that this would have been a wonderful experience if only the theatre hadn’t been so cold. It was rather distracting to have people putting their coats and hats and scarves back on. Why couldn’t someone have closed the doors or turned the air conditioning off or something. I would have scored the whole experience higher if I had been more comfortable. Wrap up warmly!


It was a fantastic show. We couldn't believe our eyes. The performances, the effects...everything was WICKED! My children, my mum and I absolutely felt under the spell.


Meal was good although the service was poor and the choice was mediocre. The show was not as good as I had expected but I did thoroughly enjoy it. After a very slow start the end of the first and start of the second were compelling. The finale seemed a little thin. The story was excellent although the ending seemed a little rushed. The cast were good with the exception of elphaba who was outstanding.


Good production,good stage craft,good sets.very professional performances.....but did not enjoy because it was not our genre ,would have been more enjoyable to see 'Jersey Boys' again. More our era and context ,content.


The show was absolutly sensational and would recommend as a must see. It was our second time going to see wicked and would see it a third time. It had suspense, laughter and stunning singing. It makes your mouth watering for more musicals. In one word "magical".


Fantastic show, fantastic cast and fantastic theatre! We loved it, and would highly recommend.


a truly excellent show with great singing and very impressive sets. Great value for money too since many West End shows cost twice as much as we paid to see Wicked.


A superb colourful show with great pace. Every part was important in telling the story. The two female vocalists were really good with powerful voices. We gave them a standing ovation they were so good.


The actors and singing was 10/10 but I thought the story and songs never lived up to the hype!


Excellent show and well worth the money. only personal thing that looked out of place was the tattoos all over the lead singers arms!!!!


Absolutely brilliant. I loved it.




The show was good. I thought in parts that the singing was a bit strained.


Wicked was Amazing! A really good fun show with some wonderful musical numbers. The costumes were fantastic and the theatre made to look the part too. Brilliant!


Second time I have seen Wicked and it just gets better.


brilliant show glad we came to London to see it, the day was great with a great finish thank you all at Wicked


Absolutely brilliant a most enjoyable afternoon


Wow, the show was fabulous, the cast was great and we all love happy endings!!!!!


Wonderful show. This was booked as a 16th birthday treat for my daughter and it was a roaring success. We all loved every minute of the show and would recommend the show to anyone.


great show would recommend it


Loved it!


This was our first time to see Wicked. I went with my eight year old daughter. The show was amazing. Rachel Tucker was fabulous and we both thoroughly enjoyed. We sat in Row R in circle and view was great. Would highly recommend


fantastic we loved every minute of the show and would highly recommend it to anyone, of any age to go and see it


Thought the show "Wicked" was wicked! The two female leads had incredible voices. The sets and costumes were incredible. We would visit the theatre in London alot more if the tickets weren't so expensive and if we could actually see, as my daughter and myself are vertically challenged! Had Row B tickets in the dress circle and still had a big head in our way! Apart from that have recommended the show to all our friends.


Fab show, great production. Stand-in Nicki Davies-Jones has a great voice and it won't be long before she becomes a leading lady in her own right. Can't wait to go again. Shame about the ladies WC facilities - queuing into the foyer!


Fabulous, the acting, singing, costumes, music, lights and the pyrotechnics . I would recommend it to everyone. Very expensive at £82 a ticket but turned out to be worth it!


It was my wife's birthday treat, a weekend in London with a show. Living in France one of the main things we miss is the theatre, going to see 'Wicked' was a bit special. I myself am not a great fan of musicals but this show blew my socks off, the music was superb, the cast were brilliant, scenery and storyline fantastic. The whole package was absolutely magic, I cannot recommend it highly enough, definitely five stars.


Excellent show. Cast were amazing ,the staging and special effects were great. Fabulous performances from both leading ladies. A really enjoyable evening.


One of the best things ive ever had the pleasure to see, amazing cast, amzing ambience, amzing props, just all round amazing. would highly reccomend to anyone who has a soft spot for musicals. Also a lot funnier than I had expected, excellently executed by the entire ensemble.


Wicked was WICKED! We loved the show from entering the atmospheric foyer right the whole way through! Faboulous production!!!!


The best show I've seen in theatre! And the voices were out of this world!! Next stop Lion King!


Wicked was amazing! Well worth the money! The music was addictive and songs unforgettable!! The first Musical I've been to see and I have to say it's got me hooked for more!!


A truly fantastic show. Rachel Tucker is one of the best leading ladies I have ever seen. Standing ovation well deserved!


Bought tickets for my daughters. They thought it was brilliant. Said the voices of the entire cast were amazing; in fact the best they could remember of any musical they had seen.


In the words of my 17 year old daughter, there is only one way to describe this show; "It was wicked". The set, the costumes and the singing were amazing. Having Matt Willis from Busted play Fiyero was a definite crowd pleaser. Not knowing the storyline, apart from the obvious connections with The Wizard of Oz, was a bonus as everything was new and the connections with The Wizard of Oz brought a welcome smile of realisation. This is not a 'once only' show, we will be booking to see it again before too long.


It was utterly amazing, the time flew as I was so absorbed. The whole family really enjoyed the musical and my youngest daughter asked to see it again she thought it so fabulous. Everything was brilliant, the acting, the costumes, the sets and just perfect. Just hope they don't change a thing.


My daughter and I went to see the show at matinee and thought it was absolutely fantastic! This was despite several people telling us they hadn't liked it themselves - we just could not understand why not, it was fabulous!! All the cast were excellent, the set was great and all in all we had a wonderful time!


probably the best show that i have ever seen. both my wife and myself have said that we would see it again.. very happy with the allocated seats


It's funny, clever, ingenious and visually wonderful. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys the theatre and especially to those who think they don't! Brilliant.


The show was fantastic!!!!! Loved it.


Excellent production, costumes and stagecraft. Thoroughly enjoyable after a slow start. Well done to everyone!


It is a wonderful show. Well worth seeing. The music, acting and sets are great.


The singing was outstanding, what a great show


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