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The Woman in Black Tickets
Format: 12 Dec 2017

The Woman in Black Tickets

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1st Jun 1989

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12th Dec 2017 - 26th Jan 2019

Age Restrictions

The Woman in Black is on the National Curriculum for English and Drama, so some performances (especially matinees and on weekdays) are likely to have school groups in attendance.

What's it all about?

Susan Hill's haunting original story 'The Woman in Black' continues to terrify audiences from all over the world who flock to the Fortune Theatre for a unique and highly memorable theatrical treat. See this ingenious ghost story come to life in front of your eyes in this imaginative display of illusion, atmosphere and controlled horror.

Over eight million theatregoers have experienced this West End classic, which attracts audiences thanks to its highly original story and the simplicity of its presentation. Using just two actors, the story of Eel Marsh House and Arthur, the young lawyer sent to settle the estate of mysterious Alice Drablow, unfolds in front of your eyes.

Don't miss this celebrated London theatre experience that is perfect for visitors to the West End, as well as those with a desire to be scared out of their seats. The Woman in Black will haunt you forever...  

What's the story?

The play begins on an empty stage, as an older actor Arthur Kipps is reading his story aloud in an effort to exorcise the spirit from his life. His delivery is mocked by a younger actor, who decides to act out Kipps' narrative himself, assuming his role whilst the real Kipps plays the other characters from the story and the ghost story begins to unfold.  

The story tells of the younger Arthur Kipps, a junior Lawyer, who is sent to settle the estate of Alice Drablow who lives in the remote Eel Marsh House. As he notices a mysterious figure dressed in black at her funeral, he is shocked to find out that none of the other villagers reported seeing her.

Undeterred from his task, Kipps spends time alone at the house, and finds himself cut off from the town thanks to the marshes. He is forced to spend a night in the house, discovering a child's nursery behind a locked door. His curiosity leads to him revealing a haunting secret – a secret which makes him wish he never found out...

Who's in it?

Terence Wilton and James Byng star as Arthur Kipps and The Actor, respectively. The play within a play concept allows both performers to portray a number of different characters in a simple yet highly effective presentation. 

Who is The Woman in Black suitable for?

The Woman in Black is a ghost story that uses the magic of live theatre to tell a chilling and gripping horror story. The production relies on audiences using their imagination, and responding to the carefully controlled atmosphere, so may be unsuitable for younger audience members. Those who are familiar with the film adaptation starring Daniel Radcliffe will enjoy seeing the story in a fresh light – and the show is perfect for those coming to the theatre for the first time.

The production is very popular with English and Drama students, many of who study the techniques of the play as part of their courses. The production is a master-class in stage design, sound and lighting – and is a highly entertaining and educational production.

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The Woman in Black is one of the West End’s most high-profile and longest-running productions. This thoroughly spine-chilling play has been in residence at the Fortune Theatre since August 1989.

The play was adapted for the stage by Stephen Mallatratt from Susan Hill’s classic gothic horror novel. With director Robin Herford and producers PW Productions, Mallatratt created a nail-biting show that continues to give audiences at the Fortune Theatre the willies with its compelling storyline and nail-bitingly suspenseful atmosphere.

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The Woman in Black reviews - staff

A jumpy play with unexpected scary moments - had me screaming out loud! Very well acted - it is all done with the power of words.


A decade after first seeing it, The Woman In Black remains my favourite London play. Not only is it extremely chilling but it’s a tour-de-force of creepy storytelling and first rate acting. I never believed two actors, some atmospheric lighting and spooky sound effects could scare the life out of me – but it really does become terrifying. It’s an unmissable experience that you can only get from live theatre – a true London landmark.


The Woman in Black reviews - critics

The Woman in Black
"Don't go unless you like being scared out of your wits" -
The Woman in Black
"A marvellous exercise in spine tingling tension, spun from perfectly paced storytelling and's a cracker." -
The Woman in Black
"A truly nerve-shredding experience" -
The Woman in Black
"The most brilliantly effective spine chiller you will ever encounter...If you haven't seen this show yet you are missing a treat" -

The Woman in Black reviews - most recent customers

I enjoyed watching this production, it had an interesting story and kept you intrigued all the way through. It made me jump in parts but not as scary as I was expecting. I would recommend it!

I must admit, I was a bit bemused at first, but soon got into it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though it wasn't as scary as I thought. The actors Adam Best & Ken Drury were brilliant, & they made very good use of the few props they had. I would definitley recommend it.

We had a great time at the show it was jumpy and the storyline kept us hooked , it's amazing how so little actors and props can make you imagine different scenes.

Enjoyed it very much. Superb acting!

The Woman in Black was great. Wonderful acting, funny, thrilling and enjoyable. A great night out.

Great show - fabulously acted and cleverly portrayed / the audience at the Matinee of mostly teenagers anticipating a scary ghost story were ready to scream and jump at every and any opportunity including when the lights went on at the interval ! Really enjoyable.

The Woman in Black photos

Is anything more spine-tingling than hearing the audience murmur drop to a hush and seeing the house lights go down? Can anything beat the thrill of watching the actors emerge from the wings, ready to give the performance of a lifetime?

At we love these moments more than anything, and we want you to enjoy your live theatre experience just as much.

To get you in the mood for your visit to The Woman in Black, we’ve prepared this gorgeous gallery of images from the show for your perusal and pleasure. It’s a pre-show peek at the West End cast and key elements of the production that’s sure to up your anticipation for the real thing.

These images are from the current production of The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre. It’s the story of Arthur Kipps, a young solicitor who travels to the small town of Crythin Gifford to attend the funeral of a client who in life was an elderly widow who lived alone.

When Kipps encounters a mysterious woman dressed completely in black he is deeply unnerved. Nonetheless, he determines to get to the bottom of the dreaded secret that has been casting its deathly shadow over Crythin Gifford.

The Woman in Black was adapted for the stage from Susan Hill’s 1983 novel of the same name. It has been the subject of a number of other adaptations over the years, including a TV movie, two radio plays and a feature film.

The play has been staged successfully all over the world during its near-30 year history, with productions taking place in the US, South America and Japan among other places.

The play was adapted by Stephen Mallatratt and its director is Robin Herford. The Woman in Black originally premiered in Scarborough at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in 1987 before making its London debut in January 1989 at the Lyric Hammersmith.

Whether you’ve already booked your seats for The Woman in Black through us or you’re still making up your mind, we hope this gallery gives you a feeling for the essence of the show. We know where we’d like to be next time the curtain goes up at the Fortune Theatre. Perhaps we’ll see you there.

The Woman in Black videos

  • The Woman in Black
  • The Woman in Black

The smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd is what theatre’s all about. It may be a cliché but we bet it’s true for you too. There’s nothing like being there. That said, we know that a trip to the theatre can be a big commitment in terms of preparation and travel.

Check out our video sampler of The Woman in Black, currently playing at the Fortune Theatre in the West End. It can’t give you the in-the-moment, large-as-life buzz of the real deal. But it’s the best way to get a taste of The Woman in Black before you book your seat.

One of the longest running plays in West End history The Woman in Black is a spine-tingling thriller that’s drawn particular attention for being one of the best horror stories ever brought to the stage.

It’s tells of a young solicitor who goes to the small town of Crythin Gifford to attend the funeral of a client, only to find that the town has some fearsome secrets of its own.

The small cast, simplistic set and intimate theatre all add to the chilling atmosphere of one of London’s most exhilarating theatre experiences.

Robin Herford is the director of The Woman in Black, which was adapted from Susan Hill’s 1983 novel of the same name by Stephen Mallatratt. The show originally premiered in London in 1989 at the Lyric Hammersmith.

We hope you enjoy this peek at the current London production of The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre. For further information and to book a seat, click on the relevant section above or at the sides of this page.

Did You Know?

The play adaptation originally opened at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. It later transferred to London's Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, before transferring to the West End Playhouse and later Fortune Theatre where it has remained since 1989.

After 'The Mousetrap', the production is the second longest-running non-musical play in the history of the West End.

Susan Hill's story was adapted into a film version starring Daniel Radcliffe in 2012. A sequel was released in 2015.

Important Information

This play is not suitable for those with a nervous disposition or who cannot handle sudden shocks. Please be advised that there is a large possibility of school groups being present at The Woman In Black, especially for Monday to Thursday performances.

The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black

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