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Format: 20 Nov 2017

The Mousetrap Tickets

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21st Nov 2017 - 5th Jan 2019

Running Time

2 hours 15 minutes

Age Restrictions

Recommended for ages 12 and over.

What's it all about?

If The Mousetrap were a public figure, it would be a national treasure – a Judi Dench, perhaps, or a Stephen Fry. You wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend an evening with those two, so why put off your visit to this vintage whodunnit from mistress of suspense Agatha Christie?

There really is nothing quite like the thrill of peeking into a remote house, sizing up its rum residents and pondering the mounting pile of red herrings as you try to crack one of the most celebrated cases of all time. Now well into its seventh decade on the London stage, The Mousetrap is still going strong.

What's the story?

Five guests arrive at a country hotel, only to find themselves snowed in. A policeman turns up, warning of a murderer on the loose. One by one, the guests are investigated until a trap is laid to catch the killer.

To tell you any more would not only spoil the surprise but also upset the tradition that no one who’s seen the show ever reveals the murderer’s identity – which means there really is only one way you’re ever going to find out.

Who's in it?

One of the fascinating things about The Mousetrap is that it deliberately doesn’t go for big names and has a new cast every year, keeping this classic forever fresh. But this rule is no bar to star quality – indeed, part of its success is doubtless down to Richard Attenborough’s presence in the original cast, and many other actors have lent the show their talents over the years.

One cast member even entered the Guinness book of records after racking up 4,575 performances. More impressively still, one original 'cast member' survives to this day: the recorded voice of Deryck Guyler on the radio bulletin that plays each night.

Current cast:

Sherry Baines as Mrs Boyle

Liam Jefford as Christopher Wren

George Evans as Detective-Sergeant Trotter

Benedick Blythe as Major Metcalf

Harriet Leitch as Miss Casewell

Jonathan Tafler as Mr Paravicini

Ed Pinker as Giles Ralston

Ellie Burrow as Mollie Ralston

Who is The Mousetrap suitable for?

This isn’t just any old murder mystery – it’s the ultimate brainteaser that’s sure to stimulate your 'little grey cells'.

Christie fans will be particularly enthralled to see one of her best-known works live on stage. But budding detectives and seasoned super-sleuths alike are in for a treat as the suspense is sustained right up to the end, and no expense has been spared in making you really feel like a fly on the wall in this mysterious manor house, full of quirky characters and intriguing events.

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The Mousetrap reviews - staff

This is a really fun play for any fans of Agatha Christie's novels or murder mysteries in general, and there's a certain dramatic intensity to watching it live on stage versus just reading it or watching it on TV.


The production was a joy to watch throughout giving a good balance of serious poignant moments and some hilarious comical scenes. Everything was perfectly timed and the audience was gripped throughout. The plot was a good pace throughout with everyone in the interval discussing who they thought was the murderer. The set was well constructed and very believable as to the location.


The Mousetrap reviews - most recent customers

the show was extremely fabulous. It kept me guessing right the way through. Especially the ending. Not the person i thought of. A enjoyable cast lent to the thrill of the show.I would throughly recommend the show to everyone.Bravo to the cast and THANK YOU ALL FOR AN ENJOYABLE SHOW THANK YOU.

We went to a matinee performance and the energy and enthusiasm from the cast was infectious! I took my mum and we both thoroughly enjoyed the show.

A National Treasure

Saw the Mousetrap on Sat 26th January and just loved it! We both, me and my sister, enjoyed every minute of the show and it was one of the highlights of our trip to London (we came all the way from Finland). Can't wait to get to London again and to see another play or maybe a musical? Thank You for the fabulous experience!

I enjoyed very much the show. I wanted to see this show for many years. The actors, the scenes and play was excellent.

A thoroughly jolly experience. We were visiting London from Australia and decided the show we must see was Mousetrap as the world's longest running play. A great little story and the actors were simply marvelous. a lot of fun.

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Did You Know?

Nobody can put their finger on exactly how The Mousetrap has achieved its unparalleled 60-year run. Agatha Christie herself thought it would be bumped off within eight months. What really puts this in context is when you realise that Churchill was still in power when it first opened. And it became the longest-running show in British theatre sooner than you’d think – way back in 1957.

An estimated 10 million people have seen The Mousetrap, which begs the question: why hasn’t it ever made it on to the silver screen? The answer is because the producers are adamant that the mystery should be preserved for future theatregoers. Well, it would be rude not to book now you know the trouble they’ve gone to on your behalf.

Important Information

We recommend patrons arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of the show start time. 

Please note that the theatre are no longer accepting bags into the theatre cloakrooms.

St Martins Theatre will continue to carry out bag searches and accept there may be some delays to patrons, please be aware that your bags will need to be checked before being seated.

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The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap

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