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Format: 12 Dec 2017

Stomp Tickets

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20th Sep 2007

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14th Dec 2017 - 7th Jan 2018

Running Time

1 hour 40 minutes

Age Restrictions

Under 5s not admitted.

What's it all about?

After 15 spectacular years in the West End, the Olivier Award-winning and global phenomenon Stomp will close its doors on in January 2018, following 10 record-breaking years at London’s Ambassadors Theatre. 

It continues to astound audiences across the world with its universal language of rhythm, theatre, comedy and dance.  Eight performers use everything from Zippo lighters, plastic bags, bin lids and even the kitchen sink to hammer out an explosively feelgood rhythm and turn urban junk into urban funk. You’ll be amazed how much bang you get for your buck.

In the summer of 2012, Stomp wowed billions when they took centre stage at the epic closing ceremony of the London Olympics. With new routines, new choreography and new music, Stomp is pure stage magic.

Experience the “pure stage magic” (Sunday Telegraph) of Stomp before its final performance on 7 January 2018.

What's the story?

OK, so there isn’t one as such. But what Stomp does have by the binload is big personalities.

Even though no one speaks, you’ll really get to know this noisy bunch by the end of the show. Each performer has their own funny little quirks, ticks and mannerisms, and there are moments of pure slapstick as the good-humoured games of one-upmanship get going.

With revamped 'surround sound' music and routines now in place, there’s never been a better time to see this booming great show.

Who's in it?

It all began back in the 1980s, when the show’s creators Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas worked together on some street comedy musicals.

But from humble beginnings, an international sensation was born, spawning an Oscar-nominated short film, an IMAX movie, an orchestra and even a Las Vegas show. Now, more than 100 performers work on Stomp worldwide.

Who is Stomp suitable for?

You'll be pleasantly surprised at just how funny this show is. And if you’ve seen any silent comedies, you’ll also appreciate the bang-on timing of this brilliant bunch.

Street dance enthusiasts will be wowed by the sheer skill and athleticism of the performers. And whatever your music tastes, you’ll be carried away because it’s all about the rhythm. But it’s your kids you’ll really have to watch. Because once they’ve seen Stomp, they’ll be itching to create their own bin-lid band.

Don’t, whatever you do, be late for this sonic extravaganza because the Stomp performers love to rib latecomers. 

Warning: this show is LOUD!

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First conceived in Brighton in 1991, Stomp has been a major fixture of the West End for years. Its exhilarating blend of percussion, comedy and hi-energy dance have made it a perennial thrill for London theatregoers and a smash-hit all over the world.

Now so much a part of the fabric of British culture that the Stomp troupe were called upon to make an appearance in the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, this hyperkinetic explosion of music and motion remains a sure-fire great night out at the Ambassadors Theatre.

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Stomp reviews - staff

A very energetic and funny show! My favorite acts are the nice paper, the lighters and the sinks - but I won't spoil it any further...!


I found this show breathtaking – make sure you sit right up close, though. It’s really worth it. Every tiny gesture, every facial expression, every muscle they move goes into making an amazing range of percussive sounds. The sequences using dustbin lids and brushes are probably the most famous scenes from the show. But it’s actually some of the quieter moments that I loved most, like music-making using nothing but matchboxes!


Stomp reviews - critics

"Pure Stage Magic" -
"Entrancing, Exhilarating...Terrific" -
"This unique percussion and dance show has evolved over the last 11 years from humble street theatre in Brighton into a worldwide, multimedia sensation" -

Stomp reviews - most recent customers

The weather on Saturday was really grotty and cold but glad we didn't cancel our trip as the show was well worth it. Not sure what we expected but thought it was fantastic. Money well spent.

Brilliant family fun. It's got it all; humour, pathos and percussion. Amazing engagement with the audience. High energy fun - highly recommended.

Absolutly brilliant with a nice touch of humour. Ambassador Theatre was small and intimate and made for a good connection with the public. I would recommend for all age groups.

Probably the best show I have seen.The skill variations to produce rythm and dance from the everyday props has to be experienced in order to believe what you see. It is interspersed with slight comedy and audience participation. Money well spent and more to the point I was entertained.

My 9 year old son had been watching stomp on a recorded show. We didnt tell him we were going so it was a bit of a surprise. He said this is awesome far better than watching it on the television. I have seen the live show some years ago but it was still great, would recommend to all my friends.

Stomp is amazing! The technical brilliance of the performance shines through and no one is' fooled ' by the fool! Who can not enjoy a show that has humour, excitement, obvious enjoyment of the performers and eco friendly! Still a must see top show in London!

Stomp photos

Is anything more spine-tingling than hearing the audience murmur drop to a hush and seeing the house lights go down? Can anything beat the thrill of watching the actors emerge from the wings, ready to give the performance of a lifetime?

At we love these moments more than anything, and we want you to enjoy your live theatre experience just as much.

To get you in the mood for your visit to Stomp, we’ve prepared this gorgeous gallery of images from the show for your perusal and pleasure. It’s a pre-show peek at the West End cast and key elements of the production that’s sure to up your anticipation for the real thing.

These images are from the current production of Stomp at the Ambassadors Theatre. Stomp is unlike any other show in the West End. It’s not about dialogue or story; it’s about rhythm, something people across the globe can understand. Stomp can be described as a physical theatre group whose members use their bodies and everyday objects to create a percussive performance.

2012 has proven to be a big year for Stomp. Not only is it celebrating its 10th successful year on the West End stage, it was featured heavily in the 2012 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony, which beamed the cast of Stomp into countless living rooms all over the world.

Stomp originated in the summer of 1991, the fruit of a long-term collaboration between Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell.

After a number of years touring the world and making cameos in films, Stomp made its London premiere in 1994 with a short season at Sadler’s Wells that followed a UK Tour. The current West End production opened in London in September 2002 at the Vaudeville Theatre.

Whether you’ve already booked your seats for Stomp through us or you’re still making up your mind, we hope this gallery gives you a feeling for the essence of the show. We know where we’d like to be next time the curtain goes up at the Ambassadors Theatre. Perhaps we’ll see you there.

Stomp videos

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Watch Stomp videos at Witness the colour and splendour of Stomp from a whole new perspective with these great videos.

Did You Know?


In 2004, 2ndAvenue at 8thStreet in New York was renamed Stomp Avenue in celebration of 10 years of the show in the Big Apple.

A purpose-built, $28m theatre was erected in Vegas when an expanded version of Stomp took the town by storm in 2007.

Important Information

We recommend patrons arrive at least 15mins in advance of the show start time. 

Please note that the theatre are no longer accepting bags into the theatre cloakrooms.

The Ambassadors Theatre will continue to carry out bag searches and accept there may be some delays to patrons, please be aware that your bags will need to be checked before being seated.

Please note: Stalls Rows O-R are slightly restricted view due to the overhang of the Circle.

Under 5s not admitted.



1994 Laurence Olivier Awards

Best Entertainment

Best Choreography in a West End Show

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