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Format: 19 Oct 2017

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Booking Period

Show Opened

4th Feb 2012

Running Time

2 hours 40 minutes

Age Restrictions

Suitable for ages 5 and over.

Now Closed

This show has now closed.

What's it all about?

Gene Kelly tap-dancing for all he’s worth as the rain buckets down on his battered brolly — it’s regularly voted one of the greatest movie moments of all time. Now you can re-live it as the Chichester Festival production that’s been deluged with praise hot-foots it into the West End.

With dazzling dance sequences and unforgettable melodies including, of course, that wonderful title song – you’re sure to leave Singin' In The Rain with a glorious feeling you’re happy again.

What's the story?

It’s the roaring '20s and 'talkies' are about to become the next big thing. It could spell bad news for silent movie stars, particularly handsome ham Don Lockwood and his annoyingly squeaky-voiced leading lady Lina Lamont.

Lockwood casts about for a solution to his thorny dilemma, and in golden-toned young chorus girl Kathy, it looks like he may have found it. But not if the scheming Lina has her way...

You’ll be rooting for the hilariously awful Lina to get her just deserts, for the film to be a hit and for Don to finally realise that he and Kathy are meant to be, in this truly wonderful stage adaptation of a beloved movie classic. 

Who's in it?

You may recognise Adam Cooper, who plays Don, as the adult Billy Elliot from the spectacular closing moments of the Oscar-winning Brit-flick. With this former principal of the Royal Ballet in the lead alongside Mary Poppins stars Scarlett Strallen and Daniel Crossley, you’re guaranteed to see them dance up a storm.

But it’s the legendary tune 'Singin’ In The Rain' that will put the sun in your heart and a smile on your face as the heavens open and Cooper puts his best foot forward – not to mention all the other classics, from 'Good Morning' to 'Make 'em Laugh', 'Moses Supposes' and 'You Were Meant for Me'.

Who is Singin' In The Rain suitable for?

This is a rare chance to catch a truly outstanding dancer stepping into Gene Kelly’s shoes. If you love the choregraphy of the movie, you’ll probably know that the routines took days to shoot. All the more reason to love seeing them so beautifully re-enacted on stage with passion and panache every single night.

And it’s not just dance devotees who will be wowed by Singin' In The Rain. Film fans will particularly appreciate the silent movie spoofs that have been made specially for this show, while youngsters will enjoy the comic talents of clownish Cosmo and laughable Lina.

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Singin' In The Rain reviews - staff

Singin' in the Rain is a good, solid revival which is fun, energetic and feel-good. It's in a beautiful venue too at the Palace Theatre, which suits it. It's a good, safe choice of a show for fans of the film. A word of warning, though - only sit at the front if you want to get wet!


Singin' in the Rain takes you back in time - you feel like you're there in 1927. I remember watching the film with my parents many years ago and this show had all the magic ingredients and more. Now, a whole new generation who have never heard of the original film will be able to watch it, as it's a good family show for young and old and anyone who loves really good, old fashioned theatre. Spectacular.


Lina Lamont’s character was brilliant, really funny and entertaining. I loved the obvious scene with the rain falling and Kathy Selden’s singing was amazing. Singin' in the Rain is perfect for anyone who wants to see an all singing, all dancing show with a nice story line that at times is quite funny.


I was impressed by the performance of the actors despite there being three understudies on the night. The quality of singing from Kathy Seldon was impressive. My rather predictable favourite scene was when the rain fell on stage. I would highly recommend this show which has great music and a storyline that is easy to follow.


I think dancing and singing were amazing; actors were brilliant, great choreography and of course splashing water on the audience.


It made me laugh. The dancing was fantastic and I liked the use of props. Obviously the rain was awesome!


Singin' In The Rain reviews - critics

Singin' In The Rain
"Rapturously enjoyable" -
Singin' In The Rain
"One of the hits of the year. Go get soaked" -
Singin' In The Rain
"Never puts a foot wrong. It could be raining in Shaftesbury Avenue for quite a long time" -

Singin' In The Rain reviews - most recent customers

PROBABLY, the best song and dance show I have seen, and I have seen lots! Pleased not to have been sitting in rows one to seven, but they must have signed up for it!

We really thought we would hate it after the first 5 minutes amazing was that, really kicked in and we had a fabulous time. Thoroughly enjoyed the show and would recommend it, don't give up on it!

Very funny, great story.

Spectacular show full of colours...and rain :) Would love to watch it again. Excellent ticketing service from this website. Thumbs up!

better than the film!!!!!

Saw singing in the rain yesterday omg what a fab show the dancing was amazing and Jennifer Ellison was brilliant if you want a great day out then this is well worth a look

Singin' In The Rain photos

Is anything more spine-tingling than hearing the audience murmur drop to a hush and seeing the house lights go down? Can anything beat the thrill of watching the actors emerge from the wings, ready to give the performance of a lifetime?

At we love these moments more than anything, and we want you to enjoy your live theatre experience just as much.

To get you in the mood for your visit to Singin’ In The Rain, we’ve prepared this gorgeous gallery of images from the show for your perusal and pleasure. It’s a pre-show peek at the West End cast and key elements of the production that’s sure to increase your anticipation for the real thing.

These images are from the current production of Singin’ In The Rain at the Palace Theatre. Based on the 1952 film of the same name, Singin’ In The Rain is the story of movie star Don Lockwood, sidekick Cosmo Brown, love interest Kathy Selden, and leading lady Lina Lamont, who band together to make the transition from silent films to all-singing, all-dancing talking pictures.

During each performance of Singing In The Rain 7,000 litres of water are used each time it rains on stage. It rains twice during each performance, so that’s 14,000 litres of water poured onto the stage each night in total. Not to worry though; the water is recycled, draining back into a reservoir hidden in the orchestra pit.

The musical has been adapted for the stage by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Music is by Nacio Herb Brown with lyrics by Arthur Freed. Its director is Jonathan Church. Singin’ In The Rain originally premiered in London’s West End in June 1983 at the London Palladium. It’s been nominated for a number of awards, including an Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

Whether you’ve already booked your seats for Singin’ In The Rain through us or you’re still making up your mind, we hope this gallery gives you a feeling for the essence of the show. We know where we’d like to be next time the curtain goes up at the Palace Theatre. Perhaps we’ll see you there.

Singin' In The Rain videos

  • Singin' In The Rain
  • Singin' In The Rain

The smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd is what theatre’s all about. It may be a cliché but we bet it’s true for you too. There’s nothing like being there. That said, we know that a trip to the theatre can be a big commitment in terms of preparation and travel.

Check out our video sampler of Singin’ In The Rain, currently playing at the Palace Theatre in the West End. It can’t give you the in-the-moment, large-as-life buzz of the real deal. But it’s the best way to get a taste of Singin’ In The Rain before you book your seat.

It’s the story of silent film star Don Lockwood, sidekick Cosmo Brown and aspiring actress Kathy Selden taking on the transition into all-singing, all-dancing talking pictures.

This charming musical has drawn particular attention for its feel good story and magnificent effects. The highlight of the show is its spectacular recreation of the film's title sequence, complete with an on-stage downpour. Be warned - if you’re sitting close to the stage you’re going to get wet!

Jonathan Church is the director of Singin’ In The Rain, which was adapted from the 1952 film of the same name by Betty Comden and Adolph Green with music by Nacio Herb Brown and lyrics by Arthur Freed. The show originally premiered in London in 1983 at the London Palladium.

We hope you enjoy this peek at the current London production of Singin’ In The Rain at the Palace Theatre. For further information and to book a seat, click on the relevant section above or at the sides of this page.

Did You Know?

When a certain big name star played Don in an earlier UK production, he is rumoured to have riled the stage crew so much that they got their revenge by making their own “personal contributions” to the on-stage rainwater.

The filming of the original movie was hard on its actors too. Gene Kelly is said to have danced 'Singin’ In The Rain' while suffering from a 103-degree temperature. And Donald O’Connor was so bruised after filming 'Make ‘Em Laugh' that he had to spend some time in hospital.

Interestingly, although the film revolves around Kathy being drafted in to dub over Lina’s voice, it was the actress playing Kathy (Debbie Reynolds) who was in fact dubbed over by an uncredited Betty Noyes in 'Would You?' and 'You Are My Lucky Star'.

Even stranger than that, the actress playing Lina (Jean Hagen) actually had a lovely voice so she performed some of the bits that are supposed to be Kathy dubbing Lina – effectively dubbing herself.

Important Information

If you are sitting in row A of the stalls, you will get wet. In rows B to E of the stalls you may get wet.

Row A of the upper circle is restricted leg room.

The balcony section is very high and steeply stepped. Seats in the balcony are partially restricted view.

Singin' In The Rain songs

Latest News

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Singin' In The Rain will close at the West End's Palace Theatre on 8 June following a successful run that began in February 2012. 

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Former Brookside babe and latter-day musical theatre sensation Jennifer Ellison is joining the cast of Singin’ In The Rain at the West End’s Palace Theatre. She’ll step into the shoes of outgoing Katherine Kingsley as scheming, screechy-voiced harpy Lina Lamont from 18 February.

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Robert Powell will join the cast of Singin’ In The Rain at the West End’s Palace Theatre from 1 October. The news that Powell will take on the role of studio boss RF Simpson coincides with the announcement that the show has extended booking until February 2013.

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Looks like Singin' in the Rain is making a big splash in the West End.

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