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Set The Stage For 2014 - New Year's Resolutions

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Now that the very last, slightly stale mince pie’s been munched, it’s time to face front, get your 2014 head on and set the stage for a New Year and a New You.

At least, it should be. Despite our best intentions, we all know that New Year’s resolutions can start feeling old pretty fast. Fuelled by a sense of noble self-sacrifice, spurred on by visions of beach-body buffness and rock star-standard instrumental virtuosity, you bin the ciggies, cut back on the Haribos and struggle to get your sausage-like fingers ’round those pesky guitar scales.

But before you know it, you’re puffing away like a train again. Your muffin-top’s glaring back up at you more podgily than ever and, having determined that you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, you scurry off to the sofa, there to nurse your shame ’til spring, when it’s safe to go out again.

You can’t make a New Year’s resolution and expect it to take care of itself. Achieving your aim means setting goals, rewarding yourself when you meet them and, most of all, having fun.

To help you do just that, we’ve put together a light-hearted list of 2014’s most sensational stage productions, the themes of which - spookily enough - just happen to tie in with classic New Year’s resolutions. First, choose the show that matches your resolution. Click through to grab yourself a seat for it and bingo – you’ve got a near-future, resolution-strengthening reward ready to aim for. Now give yourself a well-earned pat on the back…

Improve Yourself With A Good Book The Book Of Mormon

From the makers of South Park, the insanely irreverent, painfully funny musical about hopeless Mormon missionaries adrift in darkest Africa is a box-office phenom on both sides of the pond.



Learn To Dance Dirty Dancing

Sassy 17-year old Baby Housman and sexy dance instructor Johnny Castle find wrong-side of the tracks romance in the day-glo screen-to-stage musical that’s an object lesson in how to bust a move.



Taste Something Different Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka’s chocolate isn’t the only thing about this giant-scale musical spectacular that’s deliciously different. Sam Mendes’ take on Roald Dahl’s classic tale is dark, sweet, funny, psychedelic, and a mouthwatering treat for adults and kids of every taste.



Get Your Body In Shape for 2014 The Full Monty

Tired of having a sack of spuds where your abs should be? Then it’s time to buff up like the boys in The Full Monty. The rags-to-stitchless story of out-of-work northern steelworkers who become male strippers is one of the best-loved Britflicks in recent memory. Newly adapted for the stage by its Oscar winning screenwriter Simon Beaufoy, it features your fave movie moments and offers invaluable inspiration to anyone who’s striving to swap their saddlebags for a six-pack.


Go On Safari The Lion King

Why blow a bundle on a plane ticket when you can reach the heart of Africa via a short hop on the Piccadilly Line? Watch the golden sun glow over the Pridelands as lion cub Simba’s quest to regain his throne unfolds and exotic beasts roam the aisles. You won’t even need a malaria shot.



Learn To Sing I Can’t Sing: The X Factor Musical

Does your singing voice sound like a nail being pulled out of a wet plank? Despite its title, Harry Hill’s hotly anticipated, completely barmy new musical offers a masterclass in vocal technique, courtesy of golden-throated young stars Cynthia Erivo and Alan Morrissey.



Do A Good Deed Wicked

Perhaps your evil ways have been pricking your conscience just lately. If so, give green girl Elphaba the elbow and take a leaf out of Glinda the Good’s book, at the wonderful witches of Oz musical.



Follow Your Dream Once

Girl meets Guy in the song-driven show that came to town with a suitcase and a dream. You can’t follow a town or a suitcase, but you can follow a song and a dream. Once’s gentle tale of will-they-won’t-they lovers enables you to do both.



Face Your Fears The Woman in Black

Surely there can be few experiences more desirable at the dawn of a new year than coming face-to-face with stark, unreasoning terror. This classic gothic ghost story will put the willies right up you, but if you go in a boy you’ll come out a man – even if you’re a woman.  



Spend More Time With Your Family Mamma Mia!

Calling all mums and daughters. Girls, has mum been just too darned preoccupied lately? Mum, has your slip off the old block seemed strangely distant? Then it’s time to attend the mighty Mamma Mia! and remind yourself how to function as a family. Just the two of you together, leaping around all over the place and singing Abba’s greatest hits at the tops of your voices. Happy New Year!

Click the links above for more info and to buy tickets for the show of your choice.