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Stephen Fry To Play Lady Bracknell In Drury Lane's 'Earnest'

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National treasure and noted Oscar Wilde buff Stephen Fry will drag up to play Lady Bracknell in an upcoming West End production of Wilde's The Importance Of Being Earnest. The production is scheduled to open at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in Autumn 2014.

According to the Daily Mail, Fry intends his interpretation of the legendarily snippy and domineering matriarch to have "a little bit of Alastair Sim’s Miss Fritton, clutching pearls, with a mixture of Stanley Baxter’s Duchess of Brenda."

With Lady Bracknells essayed recently on the international stage by other male actors including Tony Award-nominated Brian Bedford and The King's Speech's Geoffrey Rush, Fry's imminent assumption into the stiff-backed crinolines of the handbag-abhorring battleaxe elevates him to an elite acting clique. 

The raconteur, comedian, author, presenter, über-geek and self-styled King Of Twitter is well-known for his passion for Wilde, which has extended as far as his taking on the role of the doomed Irish playwright in Brian Gilbert's eponymous 1997 biopic, Wilde.

A notorious over-achiever, a full list of Fry's work would suck up more server space than our budget can stretch to. Suffice it to say that among the wonky-schnozzed polymath's higher profile excursions into mass media are a long-term stint as presenter of BBC quiz show QI, acting roles in Kingdom, Blackadder, Peter's Friends and Jeeves and Wooster, and the authorship of best-selling novels and autobiographies including The Liar and Moab Is My Washpot.