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About Us

What is it that people love about theatre trips to London? The friendly chaos of the foyer. The buzz in the bar beforehand. The orchestra of excited voices inside. The silence that falls when the curtain rises and suddenly... the real world gives way to a more enchanting place.

Nobody knows that place better than we do. We know how to get the best London theatre deals at the best prices in London. Over 2.5 million people trust us to organise their theatre trips to London, whether it's for special occasions or nights out with friends and family. Come to us for yours and we’ll be your expert guide to Theatreland.

The right seat at the right show

Thanks to our reputation and relationships with the theatres, we can often negotiate a choice of discounts and, of course, a great range of seats for you to choose from. Close enough to see an actor's subtlest gesture, up in the balcony to really appreciate the spectacle below, or out on an aisle to stretch your legs. Whatever you want for your ideal theatre trip to London, just let us know.

We want you to get the most out of your theatre trips to London, so we make sure we do as much research as possible. We can also describe what you’ll be seeing before you’re even there. That’s because it is our business (and our pleasure) to go and check out the views from all the different parts of the theatre.

And, as to the shows and plays themselves, we can suggest what might be best for whatever you have in mind, be it a very special celebration or a fun night out with friends.

You can trust our advice

How do we know so much? Good question. As the biggest and most experienced theatre ticket provider in London, we are often invited to a show’s previews and asked for feedback before its opening night. The actors and actresses also come and tell us how rehearsals are going and explain the effect they’re seeking and the atmosphere they’re trying to create.

Such involvement is natural to us because one of our founders, Ashley Herman, has theatre in his blood. Ashley was a stage manager at 17 and worked at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane before becoming involved in over 30 West End productions.

A little about us

There is a team of over one hundred people based here in London's West End. But although we love the theatre, we know that the show is only the starting point. So we try to make sure that your experience before and after is as memorable as possible, too. Our advice is free and we can also help arrange a pre-theatre meal or a hotel stay afterwards. 

In short, we’ll be your guide not just in the theatre but throughout Theatreland and will help arrange you the most enjoyable occassion and best value London theatre deals. As we said, it’s the place we know best and we’re looking forward to welcoming you here soon as our guest. 

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